Consulting & Planning

ITWH is committed to develop customized solutions for our clients by working target oriented and with great determination. Due to the combination of advanced software development and the vast experience in the field of engineering services, we are able to perform in various fields of urban drainage engineering and stormwater management. Examples of our capabilities include:

Conceptual Planning & Optimization

itwh GmbH has been active in research and practical application of hydrology for over 25 years, especially focusing on water management and hydraulic engineering:


Research & Development

Since the itwh GmbH was founded, strong efforts were made to interlink research and application of state of the art engineering. Read more

Project control & consulting

By introducing working guidelines for sewer system rehabiliationage the public building authorities presented an extensive amount of guidelines concerning the quality assurance of sewage technology. Read more

Object planning

All work stages from section 3 as well as from section 4 (according to HOAI, German fee regulations for architects and engineers) can be covered by the itwh GmbH in the fiels of civil engineering works, cover construction management and the coordination of health and safety. Read more

Software services

Besides our own software we also offer customer-specific solutions for a variety of applications. Read more